State approved Tennis Teacher of Austria (ITF Gold Level)

03-07.05.2021 | SEEFELD IN TYROL

General information

The PTCA Academy International in cooperation with the Bundesport Akademie in Innsbruck/Austria and ESTESS Athletic University/GroupEstess a.s.b.l. in Luxemburg, conducts an international training to become an international tennis teacher, accredited by PTCA.

Course level: Level 5*
Course designation: State approved Tennis Teacher of Austria (ITF Gold Level)
Date: 03-07.05.2021
Site: Seefeld in Tirol – Austria

*Levels of education, International Tennis Teacher, accred. By PTCA:
Preparation courses – Level 1-3; RPT 4/USPTA Elite Pro/ESTESS/AATC 3 – Level 4; State certified Tennis Teacher – Level 5; Tennisgate Academy, ESTESS Sports Medicine, ITPA Free course – Level 6

What is an international tennis teacher, accredited by ptca?

An International Tennis teacher, accredited by PTCA is a person trained and qualified to carry out the practice and instruction in a performance center, to supervise a tennis school and instruct competitive athletes and other coaches in tennis. The amount of hours that an international tennis tennisteacher, accredited by PTCA has to go through is at least 15.000 hours including course and court work. An International Tennis Tennisteacher, accredited by PTCA is qualified for a PTCA membership.

Participants’ profiles



Confirmed pre-education of at least 300 hours. PTCA recognized course program + (see below**)


Holders of a PTCA accredited Master Professionals


Special exempts after individual validation

**Mandatory additional pre-requirements:
RPT Director of Tennis, USPTA Elite Professional & ESTESS/AATC Performance Coach, Level 3
Court experience of 4500 hours signed by a PTCA recognized Professional

No Austrian citizens permitted



Hotel and lunch (accommodation excluded):

PTCA Member: € 1.500,-
No member: € 1.600,-

Hotel and accommodation included (double room & breakfast, lunch, dinner):

PTCA Member: € 1.800,-
No member: € 1.900,-

The course fee must be paid to the account of the Team TCSS Seefeld (only after being requested by the TCSS) no later than 5th of February 2021. Only then is your registration valid!


Conditions for registration

Be aware of that there is compulsory attendance at all teaching units!

1. Medical certificate

A medical certificate which is not older than 6 months and which confirms the applicant’s physical suitability. The medical certificate should be submitted with the registration. Participation in the course is not possible without a medical certificate.

2. Minimum age

The applicant must have reached the age of 24 in the year of the final examination.

3. By the beginning of the final examination, the applicant must prove:

– That he has attended a first aid course that was not more than 5 years ago (scope of training at least 8 hours)
– That he/she is holder of a driver’s license not older than 5 years or with a refresher course.
– That he/she has a playing ability of ITN below 4.0 (male) or below 5.0 (female) on the aptitude test date.
– Of at least 4500 (held and documented) practical on court units in a club or school/academy.

4. Special exempts

Certified physical educators, certified sports teachers, trainers and instructors, as well as students at the sports science, physiotherapy, medicine and similar institutes, can be exempted from the pre-requirements after evaluation. Participation in the examinations in those subjects that are examined as part of the final examination before a committee is mandatory, as is participation in the exams in all subject-specific subjects. Corresponding documents must be submitted to ESTESS at the date of registration (15th January). Later validation cannot take place 

5. Examination

The final examination is held by a state examination committee, with the lecturers acting as subject examiners. Admission to the final examination before a committee can only be granted after all preliminary examinations have been passed:

  • One oral examination each in:
    • General training theory, Special movement theory, Special training theory
  • One practical examination each in:
    • Special practical methodical exercises (teaching performance) 

6. Attendance

Attendance is compulsory at all teaching events. Absence from lessons is only possible with a justified excuse, whereby the missed material must be proven in the form of assessment tests. The required sportswear and equipment as well as writing utensils must be brought to the course. The number of participants is limited to 40 coaches, whereby the time of the registrations received at the EAU and PTCA is decisive for participation in the course.


registration FORM

Entry deadline 19th of January 2021


Håkan Dahlbo
PTCA Vice-president, Coach Development Officer